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Typly is the ultimate cutting edge AI keyboard that helps you to answer all your messages with a single click!🚀

We’re more than happy to announce that
Typly is officially live :)

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What Pain Typly Cures

What each of us struggles with today?

Nowadays, thousands of news flood us every day. The number of notifications about unread messages is constantly multiplying and we are running out of time to even collect our thoughts for a constructive response.

Why current solutions fail

The current tools in phone keyboards, such as dictionaries that predict matching words or swipe gestures, only help in getting rid of thousands of unanswered messages. you also have the option to record a voice message but you most likely don’t feel comfortable in each and every situation to dictate the text and in many cases the final result is not satisfactory anyway.

How Typly solves the problem

Typly solves this problem by suggesting automatically generated sentences that match the context of the conversation, allowing you to answer questions or continue the thread with a single click.

Thanks to this, you can immediately choose the right answer with the appropriate emotion. What is more, we will diversify the conversation with longer sentences that will make the recipient laugh many times 🤣

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Typly’s Core Features

Full Keyboard

Suport all features of soft keyboards

Glide Typing

Write with gestures, by swyping a finger between letters

User Personalization

Use more personalized sentences suggestions

Response Suggestion

Automatic response suggestions that fit the context of the conversation

Dating Function

Increase your chances of finding your dream match on dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, etc.

Sentence Bundles

Boost your conversations with sentence bundles from your favorite movies, books, and other interesting sources

What benefits Typly brings to you

Response Suggestion

In order to maintain social contacts, business relations, or participation in the community, you have to spend hours writing back.

Typly suggests answers best suited to the context of the conversation and allows you to choose a sentence with a sentiment you want (positive, neutral, negative), by using a proprietary and innovative algorithm based on NLP (natural language processing)

Typly learns your texting habits and by feeding on external data sources such as recent notifications, location or data from countless websites. With surgical precision, it can adjust the set of sentences, from which you choose your favorite ones. More than once 😊

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Dating function

Dating apps are the perfect place to find new friends and even long-term relationships, but there is a large disproportion between men and woman. The majority of dating apps users are men who usually start conversation in a clichéd, boring way.

Come on guys, let’s change it with Typly and start impressing every girl with fun and creative texts from the very beginning of your virtual relationship.

Typly’s dating function gets you to the next level in the dating app's world. This powerful feature detects that you’re in the a dating app and suggests flirting sentences based on image processing techniques, analyzed descriptions and successful conversations.

No need to thank us, use the compliments from Typly in the real-world dates and grow in women’s eyes💜

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Sentence Bundles

Sometimes, you have a need to diversify your conversation with a text from a movie, a viral post from social portals or specific industry wording.

It couldn’t be easier with Typly Sentences Bundles marketplace.

Choose your favorite sentence bundles starting from the Roman Empire throughout hip hop slang to specialist medical phrases and be the first who comes back with unique feedback 🙂

Get all features free for 3 months!

Typly’s First Users’ Impressions

Wow, I’ve never replied to my friends so fast. Their frustration, that I’m always busy, has been completely gone :)



For the first time I experienced what an interesting conversation on a dating app should look like. All thanks to Typly!



I’ve had the opportunity to use a few sentences packages and I had an amazing adventure. This is unique texting experiance.



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