Typly For Your Business

Have you ever encountered a situation in which, while running your online business, you had to answer hundreds of incoming messages and, in parallel, carry out other tasks important for your product maintenance?

Or maybe your employees cannot keep up with responding to customers' inquiries in dedicated software and used chatbots only extend the duration of the conversation eliminating the human factor.

The above examples, among others, weaken user experience when contacting your company and discourage tightening long-lasting bonds with it. Here Typly can help

We have a comprehensive solution for your business.

Either you go for Typly Whitelabel solution and embed our intelligent keyboard under your brand or use our extensive Typly API to provide your customers with an unforgettable experience during typing or improve the work standard of your employees.

No more lost customers

Customers won't be left out in the dark without a response, because you or your employee answer with a single click.

Save time, save money

Using Typly Business solutions, you don't have to hire extra employees to keep up with the messages coming in. You or your employee select the most adequate sentences and answer a customer’s message with a single click.

Work effortlessly

Typly has a feature that allows you to delegate messages to staff members for a more efficient workflow. If any member of staff is unavailable, Typly will send an automatic response on their behalf.

Adaptable, scalable service

You can use Typly Whitelabel solution on any device with a keyboard capability, whethercustom it's an iPhone, Android device, or web application on your laptop. Moreover, if your replies must contain specialized phrases or sentences, we can easily implement a custom dictionary dedicated to your company.